Rural Payments Online

Rural Payments Online

The Scottish Government provides an online service for claims and application forms relevant to a variety of support and development schemes, known as Rural Payments Online.

What's available?

You can complete the following claims and application forms through Rural Payments Online:

  • Single Application Form (SAF)
  • Land Managers' Options (LMO), with continuing commitments
  • Scottish Beef Scheme (SBS)
  • Rural Development Contracts - Rural Priorities (RDC-RP) annual recurrent options

You can also view important business information such as:

  • Single Farm Payment Scheme (SFPS) Entitlements History - view a record of your SFPS Entitlements

You can also now download land parcel information to import into the PLANET Scotland application.

  •  95% of respondents said they will use RPO again to submit their SAF
  • 93% of respondents said they would recommend RPO for submitting the SAF 
  • 89% of respondents rated the system as either good or very good


RPO survey results 2012