Rural Payments and Services

Rural Payments and Services is the new online system for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It includes information, guidance and online services for people in rural areas across Scotland.

To use the new system, you’ll need to re-register your business details with us. When you have re-registered and your information is up to date, the new online system will make submitting an application or claim clearer, simpler and smarter.


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Agriculture is an important sector of the Scottish economy. The vast majority of land in Scotland is under agricultural production and the sector is responsible for much of Scotland's food exports.

In rural areas the industry creates many economic, environmental and social benefits, with a large number of people directly employed in agricultural activities.

The Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) was a programme of economic, environmental and social measures, worth some £1.2 billion, designed to develop rural Scotland from 2007 to 2013. The next stage of the SRDP will cover the years 2014 to 2020.

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Rural Payments and Services

We know land managers, farmers, crofters, agents and other customers want one system that is easy to use, so we have launched a new online service for all of the CAP schemes.

Alongside Scottish Natural Heritage and Forestry Commission Scotland we have developed a new online service that makes submitting an application or making a claim clearer, simpler and smarter.

We don’t expect to have everything online until 2017 and we’re doing everything we can to make the transition from paper to online as smooth as possible. We’re hosting regular focus groups throughout Scotland and we’re using the feedback to help us shape the new approach and to deliver what customers really want and value – now and in the future.

Benefits of the new site:

  • easy to follow scheme guidance and information
  • jargon-free language and no unexplained acronyms
  • better help and search tools
  • up-to-date map information
  • auto-updates and reminders
  • secure information and communications - all in one place

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Greening Booklet updated 14 January 2015

Fraud warning - Farmers across Scotland are advised to be alert to ongoing banking scams in which fraudsters are targeting the farming community.