Good Practice

In Delivering Planning Reform, the Scottish Government committed to communicating good practice by placing a strong emphasis on identifying and sharing examples in planning by providing;

  • Evidence that Scotland's planning system is becoming more efficient and effective, and
  • An opportunity to learn from one anothers experience and avoid duplication of effort.


Forums have been established to discuss issues with the new system, to identify solutions and to communicate this knowledge more broadly. These are now in place for the following topics:

  • Development Planning
  • Development Management
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Habitats Regulations Appraisal of Development Plans

Case Studies

Scottish Government is working with Heads of Planning Scotland, COSLA, the Improvement Service, Key Agencies and representatives of the private sector to identify and promote case studies of the new planning system in practice.

The intention is to build a resource on a wide range of topics by continually adding relevant examples. If you have a suggestion for a case study please complete the form and email it to Iain Mcleod.

Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning

The SAQP are hosted on an annual basis and are one way to recognise and showcase the exemplary work taking place across Scotland.