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Community Safety in Scotland - Information for Practitioners

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Supporting the community safety sector is a key priority for the Community Safety Unit (CSU)

These pages are for all practitioners and professionals who have an involvement in improving and promoting community safety in Scotland.

They are designed to provide practitioners with the information they need to deliver on our Safer and Stronger outcomes.

Our Safer Communities Programme will publish a series of new national community safety guidance, support and tools over the coming months.

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Community Safety Convention 2012

The 2012 National Community Safety Convention was hosted by the Scottish Community Safety Network on behalf of the Scottish Government, on 21st February 2012. 


The Scottish Community Safety Network also hosted the second Safer Communities Awards. These awards recognise and reward excellent and innovative practice across the community safety sector in Scotland.

In This Section

  • Safer Communities Programme

    A series of guidance and support resources published by the CSU as part of the Safer Communities Programme.

  • Useful Links

    List of organisations which are sponsored by the Scottish Government and links to their websites