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From October 2011 Scottish transport and travel statistics will appear on the Transport Scotland website. The Transport Scotland statistics pages will give access to all previous editions of publications, datasets and high level statistics that appeared on the Scottish Government website. The High Level Summary Pages will remain on the Scottish Government website and Transport statistics news releases will appear on both the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland websites. Other material will be removed from the Scottish Government pages over the coming weeks.

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Featured High Level Trend

Reported Road Accident Casualties

Provisional figures show that in 2010 208 people were killed on Scotland's roads, 1,960 were recorded as seriously injured and 11,156 suffered "slight" injury.

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High Level Summary of Equality Statistics

Equality trends for Transport and Travel can be accessed at Chapter 4 of the HLSES publication.

A full set of data extracts for each equality strand are available for:

Age | Disability | Ethnic Group
Gender | Religion Group

Transport and Travel statistics in more detail

Statistical publications on Transport and Travel, which include background information about most of the sources.

Background data and tables are available in Excel format, including tables from all publications, updated versions of some Scottish Transport Statistics tables and extra road accident statistics tables.

Methods and Background
For information about the collection of Road Accident Statistics and the Scottish Household Survey data.

Consultation - ScotStat
Consultation and planning arrangements for Transport and Travel statistics.

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