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13 June 2013

National Statistics on Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland in 2011-12 were published by the Scottish Government on Thursday 13 June 2013.

The latest publication can be found here: Poverty and Income Inequality Scotland: 2011-12

March 2013

Local Incomes and Poverty in Scotland published by the Improvement Service. Developing local and small area estimates and exploring patterns of income distribution, poverty and deprivation.

September 2012

Local Child Poverty figures for 2010 published by HMRC.

June 2012

New poverty figures show that there was a drop in overall relative poverty levels between 2009-10 and 2010-11.  This has been mainly driven by a fall in median household incomes over this time period.

September 2011

Local Child Poverty figures for 2009 published by HMRC.

May 2011

New poverty figures show that there was little change in relative poverty levels between 2008-09 and 2009-10.

March 2011

The Scottish Government published its Child Poverty strategy which describes what we will do to reduce levels of child poverty in Scotland.

November 2010

Child poverty strategy consultation published along with brief overview of child poverty evidence. Consultation closes on 7th Jan 2011.

October 2010

New figures showing poverty levels in urban, rural and deprived areas.

August 2010

Relative poverty across Scottish local authorities contains the first official estimates of relative poverty at local authority level across Scotland. Note that these are currently classed as Data being developed and are undergoing further quality assurance work.

November 2009

Local authority indicators which are used as proxies for poverty just added for period 2007-2008.

July 2009

  • New poverty figures including urban and rural areas / deprived areas and poverty among families containing disabled people just released in the Main Analyses section.
  • A new report discusses the data sources which can be used to examine the cost of living in urban and rural areas. This follows on from the income and poverty statistics users day which was held in summer 2008.

April 2009

Recently released:

  • Research into the experience of poverty in rural Scotland
  • Report into feasibility of improving Scottish Household Survey income estimates by using data from the Family Resources Survey. Full report and summary available here.
  • Equivalence scales: rationales, uses and assumptions. Equivalence scales are used to adjust household income figures for the relative cost of living, or assumed standard of living of different sized households. This paper discusses some equivalence scales and the underlying assumptions of equivalisation.

Social and Welfare - Income and Poverty Statistics


Income and poverty statistics web area Money


This web area provides information about income and poverty statistics for Scotland. It includes the latest publications, a broad range of Family Resources Survey based analyses relating to income and low income in Scotland as well as performance against UK child poverty targets.


The methodology page aims to explain the terminology, definitions and methodology used and finally there are useful links for further reading such as to the Department for Work and Pensions' website for GB/UK income estimates.


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The publication section gives brief summaries and links to pdf and html versions of income and poverty statistics publications as well as other publications that have an income and poverty statistics contribution.

The latest publication containing statistics on poverty and income inequality in Scotland can be found here:

Poverty and Income Inequality Scotland: 2011-12

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Main Analyses

The 'main analyses' section aims to provide a summary of key income analysis and trends. It provides charts and explanations on the following:

  • Income Distribution Charts
  • Median Trends
  • Savings and Assets
  • Income Distribution by Source
  • All Individuals in Low Income Households
  • Income Inequality (Gini Coefficient)
  • Poverty estimates for subsections of the Scottish population

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This section aims to explain the terminology, definitions and methodology used to calculate the official income measures. Topics covered include:

  • Sources
  • Which income is included, including before and after housing costs
  • Equivalisation
  • Measuring low income, including absolute and relative measure
  • Child poverty targets
  • Confidence Intervals surrounding key poverty estimates
  • References and further reading

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SHS income information

Relative poverty across Scottish local authorities

The Scottish Government income and poverty statistics team have recently published new figures which estimate the proportion of households in relative poverty at local authority level across Scotland. These are available at the following link:

Relative poverty across Scottish local authorities

Note that these figures are currently published as "Data being developed" and are undergoing further quality assurance work. These data are published simply to allow the methodology to be developed and the statistics in the publication should not be treated as official statistics.

To find out more about the project carried out to develop these figures, and the sources used, see the following links:

Measuring Poverty in Scotland: A Seminar for Users of Income and Poverty Statistics