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Gross Domestic Product (GDP)


Latest GDP Growth Figures: Scottish GDP grew 1.0% during the first quarter of 2014. On an annual basis, comparing the latest quarter to the same period in the previous year, Scottish GDP grew 2.6%.

Scottish quarterly GDP figures are produced at basic prices, also known as Gross Value Added (GVA).

On the same basis, UK GDP grew by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2014, and grew at an annual rate of 3.0%.

Latest Quarterly GDP Statistics
next update: 15 October 2014


GDP in Nominal (Cash) Terms: Scottish Gross Domestic Product in 2013 (excluding extra-regio)¹ was £129 billion.

Including a population share of UK extra-regio activity, GDP in 2013 was £131 billion.

Including the share of UK extra-regio activity occuring offshore from Scotland, GDP in 2013 was £148 billion.

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1 - Activities on the continental shelf are not classified as occuring in any particular nation or region of the UK, but are counted as being extra-regio in official statistics. Figures are provided to illustrate the impact of attributing a share of extra-regio activity to Scotland.



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