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Scotland's Global Connections 2012

29th January 2014

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Scottish Export Statistics - Global Connections Survey

Global Connections Survey

These pages give information and results on Scotland's Global Connections Survey. This is an annual survey of businesses that collects information on exports and international connections of companies in Scotland and is the only export survey covering all sectors of the Scottish economy. Data have been collected annually since 2002.

Within these pages you can:

The most recent results should be treated as provisional and may be subject to future revision.

Current Survey Form

The data collection for Scotland's Global Connections Survey 2012 took place between 13 May 2013 and 19 July 2013.

Global Connections Survey 2012 Questionnaire and Guidance Notes

Next Publication

The results of GCS 2013 will be published on the January 2015.

Looking Ahead

Research is being carried out within the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser (OCEA) to develop a new and more robust measure of exports from the financial services sector.  It is hoped the next publication will incorporate this new methodology and that this will be used in all the economic outputs produced by OCEA.


The Scottish Government would like to extend its thanks to all of the companies that responded to the survey and to all those who have been involved in the survey for their help and advice, and in particular Scottish Development International who part fund the survey.


Introduction of Standard Industrial Classification 2007

In line with our Economy Statistics Plan, the Global Connections Survey 2011 will be published in January 2013 presenting data classified using SIC 2007.  In order to help users get used to this new classification before the full move over to SIC 2007, we have provided GCS 2010 tables based on SIC 2007.

Further, we have provided a brief impact document


User Consultation on Global Connections Survey Outputs

A consultation to seek users' views on outputs from the Global Connections Survey was circulated between 19 September 2012 and 26 October 2012.