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PoliceWithin the Justice Analytical Services Division, statisticians work within two policy-focused, multi-disciplinary analytical teams which include social researchers, economists and performance analysts. The teams provide statistical information and support relating to police and community safety, court affairs and offenders, prisons and matters relating to civil and international law. Further details can be found in the latest Justice Analytical Services Division Analytical Programme 2014-15.

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Police Strength

As at 30 June 2014, there were 17,318 full-time equivalent (FTE) police officers in Scotland. This is an increase of 1,084 police officers from the position at 31 March 2007 (+6.7 per cent). Police officer numbers have increased by 73 FTE officers in the last quarter since 31 March 2014 (+0.4 per cent), and decreased by 6 FTE officers in the last year since 30 June 2013 (-0.04 per cent).



High Level Summary of Equality Statistics

Equality trends for Crime and Justice can be accessed at the Evidence Finder Equality Grid in the Crime and Justice section.

A full set of data extracts for each equality strand are available for:

Age | Disability | Ethnicity
Gender | Religion | Sexual Orientation


Crime and Justice statistics in more detail

Recent statistical publications on Crime and Justice, including background information, and other selected sources.

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