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ScotStat is a network for users and providers of Scottish Official Statistics. It aims to improve communication amongst those interested in particular statistics and facilitate the setting up of working groups on specific statistical issues.


About Statistics in Scotland - National and Official Statistics

Most of the statistics produced and published by the Scottish Government are National Statistics. This is the name for official statistics which have been, or are scheduled to be, assessed for compliance with the UK Statistics Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The primary aim of official statistics in Scotland is to provide an accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive and meaningful picture of the economy and society to support the formulation and monitoring of economic and social policies by government and others.

Framework for Official Statistics

Framework for Official Statistics

The Framework for Scottish Official Statistics provides a statement of how the statistics produced by, or for, the Scottish Government are managed and how professional independence of the production and publication of those statistics is upheld in line with official statistics and international standards.

Guidance for producers of Official Statistics

Further Information

UK Statistics Authority and the Code of Practice

The UK Statistics Authority is an independent body operating at arm's length from government as a non-ministerial department, directly accountable to Parliament. It was established on 1 April 2008 by the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. the Following section provides information on the Act and the legislative background in the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments.

The Authority's statutory objective is to promote and safeguard the production and publication of official statistics that serve the public good. It is also required to promote and safeguard the quality and comprehensiveness of official statistics, and ensure good practice in relation to official statistics.

Official statistics assessed as compliant with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official Statistics are designated as National Statistics. Bodies that produce National Statistics are required to ensure that the Code continues to be observed. For other official statistics, compliance with the Code is not a formal requirement.

The Code of Practice requires producers to publish corporate policies and other information to demonstrate compliance with the principles set out in the code. The following section provides the Scottish Governments policies on revisions and corrections, quality assurance and confidentiality as well as links to published information on forthcoming publications, administrative sources and breaches of the code.


Pre-release Access to Official Statistics

Pre-release access is the term used to describe the access provided to statistics in their final form immediately prior to publication, for specific purposes. In Scotland the main purpose is to enable those producing the statistics to ensure that those responsibile for delivery are able to comment in an informed manner when the statistics are published. The rules governing pre-release access sit out-with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and are determined by Parliamentary Order: