Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) Guidance last updated in April 2014

The aim of this guidance is to provide a framework for decision makers to promote consistency in decision making. The SWF is a discretionary fund and therefore the guidance cannot cover all eventualities. It is intended to allow decision makers to meet the  underlying objectives of the Fund, and will inform the operation of the SWF until permanent arrangements come into force..

If you wish to apply for a Crisis Grant and/or a Community Care Grant please see our How to apply page.

Resources for Local Authorities and support workers





Briefing sessions for Local Authority staff


SWF - promotional materials available including:-
  • A3 poster
  • Tri-fold A4 leaflet for general awareness, and details of how to apply
  • Information toolkit


If you require information in relation to this fund then please contact:-

Welfare Reform in Scotland mailbox.