Reporting concerns

If you are concerned about a child and would like to know who to contact visit:

This website also has a range of information on child protection issues for the public and children themselves, with useful links to other websites offering child protection advice.

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Child protection

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Child Sexual Exploitation Short-life Ministerial Working Group report

This report sets out the findings of the Short-life Ministerial Working Group established in April 2013 to consider child sexual exploitation (CSE), including the programme of activity underway in Scotland to address this. The Group's role was to advise on the implementation of the Scottish Government programme of CSE-focused work, and to consider potential areas where other action might be needed.

National Child Protection Guidance

National guidance for child protection in Scotland

A national framework for agencies and practitioners at local level to understand and agree processes for working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. It sets out expectations for strategic planning of services to protect children and young people and highlights key responsibilities for services and organisations, both individual and shared. It also includes guidance for practitioners on specific areas of practice and key issues in child protection. including Child Trafficking and Internet Safety.

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