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To make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up for all babies, children, mothers, fathers and families.


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Method in our madness - video thumbnailEarly Years Collaborative Learning Session 5

Registration for Learning Session 5 is now open.  If you are a member of a CPP, please contact your EYC programme manager for information on how to register.

If you are a member of the EYC National Partnership, you can register your interest in attending here

For all queries about registration, please contact Meeting Makers earlyyears@meetingmakers.co.uk

Parents reading to young childWhite Paper sets out priorities for early learning and childcare

The Scottish Government has published its White Paper, ‘Scotland’s Future – Your Guide to an Independent Scotland’. It sets out the full case for independence and includes details (on pages 186-204) about priorities relating to education, skills and employment – including early learning and childcare.
Read ‘Scotland’s Future – Your Guide to an Independent Scotland’
Read the 'Childcare and female labour market participation' hand out

Early years

More about Early Years

More about early years
We're working closely with partners to make Scotland the best place to grow up


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Delivering the Early Years Framework

Bringing together all those involved in the lives of babies and children from birth onwards to ensure there are positive opportunities for children to get the start in life that will give them a strong platform for healthy growth, development and attainment.

Early years change programme

  • Leadership

    The Early Years Taskforce oversees the delivery of the Early Years Framework

  • Delivery

    The Early Years Framework provides the context for the Early Years Change Programme