Refugee integration

participants in the Scottish Sports Futures coaching sessions

The Partnership Agreement makes a commitment to aid the integration of refugees.

The Scottish Refugee Integration Forum (SRIF) was first set up in January 2002 by the Executive to allow Scotland's statutory and voluntary agencies to work in partnership to support refugees more effectively.

The Scottish Refugee Integration Forum Action Plan was published in February 2003 and identified a number of key actions which would be likely to make a real difference to the lives of asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland. These actions related to improving access to services, translation and interpretation support and breaking down barriers to employment. The Scottish Refugee Integration Forum Action Plan supporting document, which explains the action plan in more detail, is also available on this website.

The SRIF actions were to be implemented by the Scottish Government, local authorities and other service providers and a commitment was given to publish progress reports six months six month progress report, and two years later 2005 progress report.

Volunteers at Maryhill Citizen's Advice Bureau undergo training

The Home Office published their separate national refugee integration strategy "Integration Matters" in spring 2005.

The Scottish Refugee Integration Forum was reconvened on 12 December 2005 and has met twice since. For full details of membership and minutes of the meetings please click here. The Forum is looking to draw up a further set of actions to address any new and emerging issues affecting integration since the last Action Plan was published. Six subgroups were set up to look specifically at housing, access to justice, employment and training, health and social care, community development and children's issues.

The actions, were primarily for the Scottish Gpvernment to implement, will feed into the Executive's wider Action Plan and strategy on Race Equality.

The Race Equality Statement was published in December 2008. It sets out our approach to race equality over the next 3 years. The statement sets out the headline issues and our overall approach, to increasing refugee integration and to addressing race equality in the longer term.