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Reducing Reoffending

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Reducing Reoffending in Scotland

Reoffending creates victims, damages communities and wastes potential.  If we are to have the safer and stronger communities we want then we need to minimise reoffending, supporting people to pay back constructively for their crimes and build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Scottish Government’s Reducing Reoffending Programme is leading this work with partners across Scotland’s justice system, working with persistent offenders to reduce crime, victimisation, and the negative effects these can have on society and the economy.  Phase 1 of the Programme introduced the Community Payback Order and the Whole System Approach with young people who offend, along with other changes.

Phase 2 of the Reducing Reoffending Programme is focused on making sure people who have offended use services and make the most of opportunities so that they fulfil their responsibilities as citizens and move away from offending.  Our approach to reoffending is informed by international research, and widespread consultation with those working to reduce reoffending across Scotland.

The Programme has five projects in it, including work on:

  • how we can best fund services to reduce reoffending
  • making sure offenders have access to the services needed to reduce their reoffending
  • improving the information we have on reoffending in Scotland, so we know more about how well public money is being spent
  • the issue of women who offend, delivering the Scottish Government’s response to the Commission on Women Offenders
  • having the right structures in place to reduce reoffending

All of the projects are up and running, with work underway to decide what each project will deliver on the ground.

The Reducing Reoffending Programme (RRP2) team produce regular updates to provide an insight on programme developments and a brief overview of what is happening under each project.

We are also providing regular updates on our Twitter feed.

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