Making Justice Work

The Making Justice Work portfolio brings together a range of reforms to the structure and processes of the courts, access to justice and tribunals and administrative justice. It has been developed and is being delivered with partners across the justice system, including the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Scottish Court Service, Scottish Legal Aid Board and the Police.

As one of the justice outcomes change programmes* , Making Justice Work (MJW) contributes to the delivery of National Outcome 16, 'Our public services are high quality, continually improving, efficient and responsive to local people's needs'. The portfolio contains six overarching programmes and projects, which cover both civil and criminal justice:

MJW Programme 1: Delivering efficient and effective court structures - To create a modern, cost effective, proportionate court structure in which cases and appeals are heard by the right court in both civil and criminal cases, reserving the use of the highest courts for the most serious and complex cases.

MJW Programme 2: Improving procedures and case management - To improve the procedures of the justice system and to introduce active and effective management of cases, in order to minimise delays and adjournments to ensure the most cost effective use of precious court time.

MJW Project 3: Enabling access to justice - To develop mechanisms which will support and empower citizens to avoid or resolve informally disputes and problems wherever possible, and to ensure they have access to appropriate and proportionate advice, and to a full range of methods of dispute resolution, including courts and tribunals where necessary, and appropriate alternatives.

MJW Project 4: Justice Digital Strategy - To provide and operate a modern, user-focussed justice system using digital technology to deliver simple, fast and effective access to justice and value for money.

MJW Project 5: Tribunal Reform - To establish an efficient and effective Scottish Tribunals Service by merging the administration of devolved tribunals and through the devolution of reserved tribunals to Scotland.

MJW Project 6:  Parole Change Project – To create and deliver a just, fair and efficient parole system in Scotland that keeps people safe.

All six MJW projects are now up and running. You may have come across some of those that are being led by partners across the justice system - for example: getting people to court; and the new summary system model.

National Outcome 16 can be achieved by delivery of benefits across the justice system. A benefits framework is being used to evaluate and track progress across the whole programme, to provide clarity to project managers as to where their own projects fit in, and identify gaps where we may need to initiate new work.

We are taking a co-ordinated system wide approach, integrating policy development (e.g. response to Civil Courts Review & Sheriff & Jury) with short term projects to save money, working with justice operational delivery partners and identifying, considering and tracking the delivery of benefits across the system

Making Justice Work - Benefits

Making Justice Work Benefits

Key Personnel:

  • Bridget Campbell, Senior Responsible Owner (Director of Justice, Scottish Government)
  • Aileen Grimmer, Programme Manager (Scottish Government)
  • Advisory Board including representatives of SCS, SLAB, COPFS & STS, judicial advisers,
  • ACPOS and external challenge from Consumer Focus Scotland
  • Projects and workstreams being taken forward across the justice system with SCS, COPFS, ACPOS and SLAB leading different aspects.

For more information contact:

Aileen Grimmer
Programme Manager - Making Justice Work
Justice Directorate
Scottish Government
St Andrew's House

0131 244 8248

* n.b. The other justice outcomes change programmes are Reducing Reoffending; Police and Fire Service Reform; Building Safer Communities and Reassuring the Public