Public Procurement Reform Programme (PPRP)

In 2006 the public procurement reform group was established following the John McClelland’s report ‘Review of Public Procurement in Scotland’. This has been a driving force for change promoting collaborative working across a wide range of procurement activities and practice. Making a real impact on public sector spending.

January 2010 brought about the second phase of the programme ‘Transforming Procurement: Accelerating Delivery’. The revised strategy focuses on four key priorities:

  • Efficiency and collaboration
  • Deliver and highlight real cash savings
  • Improve access to public sector contracts (SMEs)
  • Making sustainable procurement business as usual

In addition to the priorities the programme is driving strategic objectives – the Seven C’s:

  • Capability
  • Competitiveness
  • Capturing savings and benefits
  • Coverage
  • Collaboration
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Communications