Pollution Prevention and Control

Pollution to land, air and water can have serious health and environmental implications unless strictly controlled.

There is a range of regulations and strategies in place to control environmental pollution and emissions from most major industries.

Implementation of these is primarily the responsibility of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and local authorities.


Latest News

The transposition of Article 14(5)-(8) of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) in Scotland, through amendment to the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012, is now complete.


The Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2014 (SSI 2014 No.267) were made on 8 October and will come into force on 30 October 2014.


Under the Regulations, a cost‑benefit analysis (CBA) is required to promote energy efficiency in heating and cooling when certain new or refurbished electricity or industrial installations are permitted by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).


The transposition of Article 14(5)-(8) of the Energy Efficiency Directive in Scotland was carried out in full consultation with Defra, DECC and other UK devolved administrations, as well as with the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and SEPA. In addition, a full public consultation was issued between 22 January and 16 April 2014 by the Scottish Government. It is expected that the respective subordinate legislation for transposing Article 14(5)-(8) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will similarly come into force by the end of 2014.


SEPA is collaborating with other UK regulators in developing guidance for operators on the legislative requirements and this is expected to in place shortly.


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