Climate Justice Fund

Climate Justice Fund Round 2 – Call for Funding

The Climate Justice Fund demonstrates Scotland’s role in championing climate justice and in supporting the development of climate adaptation solutions.

The second £3 million round will again be open to the four African countries currently partnered under our International Development Fund (Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia).  Grants of  £400 – 500k or more will be awarded over a two year period.

Like the first round, the second £3 million round is supported by Hydro Nation, so the Fund will continue to focus on water related adaptation projects, although we will also consider energy or food projects with substantial connections to water.

A key priority for projects in Round 2 is to address specific climate justice principles through a human-rights based approach: approaches which empower vulnerable groups in decision-making and access to resources and realising their rights - through inclusion, equality, transparency, participation, and information - and so delivering climate resilience, strengthening civic society, alleviating poverty, and benefiting the wider environment.

We are also keen to consider applications that have support from private sector partners - providing funding support, ‘in kind’ contributions; skills, knowledge or technology transfer; demonstrating approaches that are scalable and can lever investment and increase availability of climate finance for adaptation in developing countries.  We would also particularly welcome projects that create supportive links between communities in Scotland and climate vulnerable communities in Africa.

Further details for this round, including the timetable, are set out in the Call for Funding below. The three part Application Form is also available through the links below; criteria, detailed guidance and advice on completing the application is set out in the document entitled Guidance and Further Information on Completing Application Form.