Land Use Strategy

Land Use Strategy

Scotland's first Land Use Strategy was laid in Parliament on 17 March 2011. A short guide to the Strategy is available. The development of the Strategy is a key commitment of Section 57 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

There is a wide consensus that we are not getting the best from Scotland's land even though we continue to demand more and more from it. The Land Use Strategy takes a strategic approach to the challenges facing land use in Scotland. By recognising the benefits and implications of our decisions and by focusing on common goals for different land users, the Strategy will help to achieve a more integrated approach to land use, maintaining the future capacity of Scotland's land.


A Scotland where we fully recognise, understand and value the importance of our land resources, and where our plans and decisions about land use deliver improved and enduring benefits, enhancing the wellbeing of our nation.

The Strategy sets out three Objectives relating to the economy, environment and communities - the three pillars of sustainability. It also provides a set of Principles for Sustainable Land Use to guide policy and decision making by Government and across the public sector. And it builds on the Government's current activities through further Proposals to help meet the Objectives.

The Strategy will help to set us on the right path, but it is the longer-term shifts in our approach which will result in the changes we want:

  • Delivering multiple benefits
  • Partnerships with nature
  • Linking people with the land

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The second annual Progress Statement was published on 24 June 2013.  Information on the advances made in the delivery of the actions in the Action Plan are documented including details of two regional land use pilots in the Scottish Borders and Aberdeenshire.  For the first time a set of indicators is published which will monitor progress in the delivery of the Strategy Objectives.