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Food and Drink

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The food and drink industry is a major contributor to Scotland's economy with one in five people in manufacturing working in the sector.

As well as the economy, food impacts on many other aspects of Scottish life including our health and environment.

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Latest News

Record food and drink boost - First Minister hails increase in turnover to £14bn. 

National Food and Drink PolicyFigures show Scotland’s food and drink industry has grown by 4.8 per cent on the previous year and now has turnover of nearly £14 billion.  The figures for 2012 show that the industry is in an extremely strong position, with growth of some £639m from the previous year.  Targets were set by the industry in 2009 to reach £12.5 billion by 2017, but that was met six years early and Scotland’s food and drink sales have excelled to a new record high.


Plan to grow global appetite for Scots produce

National Food and Drink PolicyPreparations ahead of the 2015 Year of Food and Drink are already underway with the promotion of Scotland’s high quality food and drink in priority export markets.  There is a huge global appetite for Scottish produce and fully utilising the successful GlobalScots network to promote the premium quality and provenance of our products will no doubt lead to great success in the priority export markets.


Becoming a Good Food Nation

Rural Affairs, Food and the Environment Secretary unveils new food and drink policy.

good food 2Increasing access for everyone to good quality food to improve Scotland’s diet and food culture will be the top priorities of the ambitious next phase of the Scottish Government’s food and drink policy. The consultation document ' Becoming a Good Food Nation', asks you to play your part by giving us your views by 17 October on the propositions made, contributing to the journey towards becoming a Good Food Nation.The consultation document can be found here