Energy is not just needed to keep Scotland's businesses, hospitals and schools running; heat our homes; and transport goods and people - energy also plays a vital role in Scotland's economy.

Latest news about applications to build and operate power stations and the installation of overhead power lines.

UK energy policy and Scotland’s contribution to security of supply April 2014

Ensuring adequate security of energy supply must be the first priority of energy policy for any responsible government. The Scottish Government’s policy on electricity generation is clear that Scotland’s generation mix must deliver: a secure source of electricity supply; at an affordable cost to consumers; be largely decarbonised by 2030; and achieve the greatest possible economic benefit and competitive advantage for Scotland.


£6 million for Scotland's wave and tidal industry

The £6 million third round of WATERS funding will help further develop testing of new wave and tidal energy prototypes in the seas around Scotland.


£2.8 million for marine energy sector

Five marine energy projects will share funding of £2.8 million to help reduce the costs and risks of array development - part of the Scottish Government’s Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund innovation call.

Scotland well placed to play major role in European Commission's new ocean energy forum

The European Commission has unveiled an action plan to help harvest more renewable energy from Europe’s seas and oceans. The plan aims to boost the emerging “blue energy” sector - which includes technologies that can capture the energy from waves, tides and temperature variations in the water – by bringing together knowledge and expertise under a new Ocean Energy Forum.

New statistics show another record year for renewables

Figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that 40.3 per cent of gross electricity consumption in 2012 was met from renewables, confirming that Scotland is on track to meet its interim target of 50% by 2015.

The Scottish Government has published an update to its Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland, showing the progress that has been made in the last year and the further steps that are being taken to help Scotland achieve the equivalent of 100 per cent from renewable sources by 2020.

Maximising the return from oil and gas

In this paper, the Scottish Government outlines the oil and gas industry’s contribution to the economy and the gains it offers to an independent Scotland.

 Scotland accounts for around nine per cent of the UK's total energy consumption, but is rich in energy resources.

The way we use energy is also an important aspect of tackling climate change and creating a low carbon economy.