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National Planning Framework 3 - Scottish Planning Policy Consultation

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On January 14, 2014 the Scottish Government took a further step forward in the preparation of two key land use planning documents – National Planning Framework 3 (NPF3) and Scottish Planning Policy (SPP).

As a requirement under the Planning etc. (Scotland) 2006, the Scottish Government laid its Proposed NPF3 in Parliament.

In addition, the Scottish Government has published an SPP Position Statement which outlines Ministers’ position as of January 2014, on 10 key issues relevant to the review of the SPP.

On 18th March 2014, the Scottish Parliament debated four committee reports and agreed that they, plus the official report of the debate, form the basis of the Parliament’s response to Proposed NPF3.

The Scottish Government is now considering Parliament’s response as it finalises NPF3 for June 2014.