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National Housing Trust

National Housing Trust

The Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) worked closely with housebuilders, councils and lending institutions to develop the original NHT model for councils and developers. So far, deals have been secured with 14 developers for the delivery of over 1150 homes across 10 council areas through this version of the initiative – supporting around 1500 jobs in the construction industry and wider economy.

In response to the demand for more from the public and private sectors, another round of procurement of the original NHT model is well underway. All procurement information, contracts and updates are available from the SFT website.

We continue to work with those RSLs who submitted project proposals to the NHT for RSLs initiative. And NHT has also inspired others to look for new ways to boost affordable housing supply. For example, Stirling and Scottish Borders Councils will deliver up to 375 homes through a local variant of NHT, with SFT engaging with a number of other councils that have expressed an interest in replicating this model in their areas.  The City of Edinburgh Council also has its On Lending to RSLs funding scheme (which is a derivative of the NHT model).