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Title:Historic Environment
Description:Information on the historic environment.
File:Cabinet Secretary Speech at IfA Conference 9 April 2014 [PDF, 205.9 kb: 17 Apr 2014]
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File:Aileen McKechnie Speech at NTS Conference 15 May 2014 [PDF, 249.0 kb: 24 Jun 2014]
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Historic Environment

Cassiltoun Housing Association, CastlemilkScotland has a rich and diverse history and we can see the evidence of this across the country from field patterns and standing stones to our streetscapes, offices, cultural venues and homes.  Scotland's historic environment is part of our everyday lives.  It gives us a sense of place, well-being and cultural identity.  We value our historic environment in and of itself as well as for the many economic, social and environmental benefits it brings to the nation.

Our historic environment is a dynamic and precious resource cared for and celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people.  A wide range of specialists work to protect and promote the historic environment across public, private and voluntary sector organisations and with thousands of individual owners.  It is this partnership and collaborative working across the sector which helps realise the benefits of our historic environment for communities across Scotland and for visitors from further afield.

For the first time ever, Our Place In Time - The Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland provides a framework within which all parts of the sector and beyond can work together towards a shared vision, delivering positive outcomes for the historic environment and for the people of Scotland.

The Historic Environment Scotland Bill which has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament will create a new national body for the historic environment, bringing together Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS).  The new body will take a lead role in delivering the Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland, working in collaboration with key delivery partners.