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Friday 19/12/2014

Consultation Responses - Proposals for a Harbours (Scotland) Bill [Transport]

Consultation responses to the Consultation on Proposals for a Harbours (Scotland) Bill

Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2013 - Medical Leadership in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

The Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2013 - Medical Leadership in Scotland.

Caring for people in the last days and hours of life - Guidance [Health and Community Care]

The ‘Caring for people in the last days and hours of life’ Guidance and associated 4 principles provide a framework for further planning and development across health and care settings in Scotland.

Caring for people in the last days and hours of life - National Statement [Health and Community Care]

This National Statement confirms the 'Caring for people in the last days and hours of life' guidance and 4 principles as the framework for further planning and development at a local level across Scotland.

Historic Environment Scotland Act: Secondary Legislation Consultation Paper [Arts and Culture]

This papers is seeking views on whether or not the Regulations take the best approach within the framework set by the Historic Environment Scotland Act, to achieve the stated aims of streamlining and transparency. We are also seeking any thoughts you may have on the impact of the changes, including any concerns and would welcome views on how the Regulations will be brought into operation, for example in the form of supporting guidance.

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 5 Number 10: Updating Fisheries Sensitivity Maps in British Waters [Marine and Fisheries]

The requirement to display sensitive areas relating to the life history of commercially important fish species in British waters is well recognized and has been used by the Oil and Gas and other offshore industries for over thirty years. An update of these maps will continue to contribute accurate spatial information which will aid sustainable ecosystem-based marine management.

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 5 Number 17: ScotMap Inshore Fisheries Mapping in Scotland: Recording Fishermen’s use of the Sea [Marine and Fisheries]

ScotMap provides spatial information on the fishing activity of Scottish registered commercial fishing vessels under 15 m in overall length. Information is provided on areas in which they fish, and to provide associated information on their fishing vessel, species targeted, fishing gear used and income from fishing.

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 5 Number 18: Depth use and movements of homing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in Scottish coastal waters in relation to marine renewable energy development [Marine and Fisheries]

Report describing the depth use of homing Atlantic salmon caught and released on the north coast of Scotland, recorded over 1-20 days using pop-up satellite telemetry during the summers of 2013 and 2014.

Thursday 18/12/2014

Framework for Risk Assessment Management and Evaluation (FRAME) for Local Authorities and partners - incorporating Care and Risk Management Guidance [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Guidance for the assessment and management of young people who present a risk of harm through sexually harmful and/or violent behaviour. Part of suite of Whole System Approach Jouth Justice Guidance

Final Estimate of the Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest 2014 [Agriculture]

This publication contains the final estimates of cereal and oilseed rape production and yield for the 2014 harvest in Scotland.

Consultation on Draft Statutory Guidance on Part 9 (Corporate Parenting) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act2014 [People and Society]

The purpose of this guidance is to clarify the duties of corporate parents. It is designed to support corporate parents to develop practices to improve the outcomes for looked after children and care leavers.

Wednesday 17/12/2014

NHSSCOTLAND STAFF SURVEY 2014 National Report [Health and Community Care]

This National Report provides an overview of the results of the 2014 NHSScotland Staff Survey. The National Staff Survey gives all NHSScotland staff the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of working for the organisation.

Planning Performance Statistics, Quarter 2, 2014/15 [Planning]

This report presents the latest summary statistics on planning decision-making and timescales for July to September 2014 (Quarter 2), as well as historic data going back to quarter one of 2012/13. It is based on data collected by the Scottish Government from Local and Planning Authorities as part of the Planning Performance Framework (introduced in 2012).


The statistics in this release are based on administrative records and surveys of individual public sector bodies carried out by the Scottish Government and the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This is a snapshot of employment as at September 2014. The publication includes information on public sector employment in Scotland with distinctions made for employment in devolved bodies and reserved bodies (located in Scotland).

Consultation Responses - Review of Antisocial Behaviour Noise Regime [Environment]

Responses received in response to the Scottish Government's Call for Evidence

Developing the Young Workforce, Scotland's Youth Employment Strategy [Education and Training]

The Developing Scotland's Young Workforce, Scotland's Youth Employment Strategy sets out how the Scottish Government will implement the recommendations from the Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workfore.

Scottish Landfill Tax – Equality Impact Assessment Results [Environment]

To identify any potential adverse impact when introducing a Scottish Landfill Tax system and also offers the opportunity to consider how this work can better promote equality of opportunity and good relations.

Scottish Landfill Tax Final Business and Regulatory Impact Assesment [Environment]

The Scotland Act 2012 ends the application of the UK Landfill Tax in Scotland in April 2015 and the Landfill Tax (Scotland) Act 2014's intention is to establish a tax to replace the UK system. This BRIA is an addition to the original bill BRIA and looks the potential impacts of creating a Scottish Landfill Tax system, in particular the secondary statutory instruments relating to the 2014 Act.

Tuesday 16/12/2014

Fire and Rescue Statistics, Scotland, 2013-14 [Statistics]

Statistical bulletin providing the latest statistics on fires, special service incidents, casualties and false alarms attended by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

HMP Shotts Follow-up Inspection Report, 29 September-3 October 2014 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Report of a follow-up inspection of HMP Shotts carried out between 29 September and 3 October 2014.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 14709