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Wednesday 17/09/2014

Public Sector Employment in Scotland - Statistics for the 2nd Quarter of 2014 [Statistics]

The statistics in this release are based on administrative records and surveys of individual public sector bodies carried out by the Scottish Government and the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This is a snapshot of employment as at June 2014. The publication includes information on public sector employment in Scotland with distinctions made for employment in devolved bodies and reserved bodies (located in Scotland).

Tuesday 02/09/2014



Monday 01/09/2014

Fish and Shellfish Stocks: 2014 edition [Marine and Fisheries]

Under revision – publication pending

Tuesday 26/08/2014

25% Reduction in Senior Management Posts Target – National Progress Towards 25% Reduction as at 31st March 2014 [Health and Community Care]

A national target was introduced to reduce the number of senior managers by 25% between 31st March 2010 and 1st April 2015. The data published shows the number of senior managers in post as at 31st March each year, and the national reduction since March 2010.

NHS Board Projected staff in Post changes for 2014/15 [Health and Community Care]

All NHS boards have been asked to develop Local Delivery Plans (LDPs) and workforce plans, as well as using workforce workload tools, in order to assess if service redesign or changes in skill mix are required to best meet the needs of their population. As with all projections, these figures are estimates and may be subject to change.

Scottish Inpatient Patient Experience Survey 2014 Volume 1: National Results [Health and Community Care]

Results from the fourth Scottish Inpatient Patient Experience Survey.

Thursday 21/08/2014

Implementing the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003: Assessing Scotland’s water environment – use of environmental standards, condition limits and classification schemes [Environment]

This document sets out how SEPA should use the Scotland River Basin District and Solway Tweed River Basin District Status Directions 2014 and Standards Directions 2014

National Practice Guidance on Early Learning and Childcare [Education and Training]

This national practice guidance sets the context for high quality Early Learning and Childcare as set out in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. The guidance seeks to support practitioners in all settings and areas of Scotland who are delivering early learning and childcare.

Scotland's Future and Scottish Fisheries [Marine and Fisheries]

This short paper sets out how Scotland’s fisheries will be affected by independence – it answers important questions and focuses on five key gains for our fishing industry

A Consultation on proposals for a Harbours (Scotland) Bill [Transport]

This consultation paper seeks views on proposals for a draft Harbours (Scotland) Bill. This draft Bill repeals section 10 of the Ports Act 1991 as it applies to Scotland. In addition the draft Bill also provides an opportunity to tidy up some aspects of current harbours legislation

Heart Disease Improvement Plan [Health and Community Care]

The Heart Disease Improvement Plan sets out the priorities and actions to deliver improved prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by heart disease.

Stroke Improvement Plan [Health and Community Care]

The Stroke Improvement Plan sets out the priorities and actions to deliver improved prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by stroke.

Driving Improvement: Implementing Realising Potential [Health and Community Care]

This document reflect on the progress that has been made through implementation of the Realising Potential policy and considers how the future should be shaped. It captures the reflections of some key players who have been instrumental in visioning, developing and implementing the policy.

Strategy for the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Waste in the United Kingdom: Post Adoption Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement [Environment]

NORM Strategy Post adoption SEA statement forms the final output from the SEA process

Housing Statistics for Scotland 2014: Key Trends [Housing]

Statistics on housing supply and public sector housing in Scotland up to 31 March 2014, based on information collected from local authorities, housing associations and the Scottish Government affordable housing supply programme.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2014 [Environment]

This publication aims to provide an easily accessible reference document which offers information on a wide range of environmental topics. It covers key datasets on the state of the environment in Scotland, with an emphasis on the trends over time wherever possible. The data are supplemented by text providing brief background information on environmental impacts, relevant legislation and performance against national and international targets.

Drinking Water Quality in Scotland 2013 - local authority summary tables [Environment]

A series of tables giving summary drinking water quality information by local authority. Tables cover public and private supplies.

Drinking Water Quality in Scotland 2013 - Public Supplies [Environment]

A report on the quality of drinking water supplied by Scottish Water (a public supply)in 2013

Drinking Water Quality Regulator Annual Report [Environment]

Annual report of the private water supplies for the reporting year 2013

Drinking Water Quality Regulator Annual Summary Report [Environment]

Annual summary report of the DWQR for the reporting year 2013

Showing: 1 to 20 of 14506