Scottish Government Special Advisers

Special Advisers provide advice to the First Minister, Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers across all portfolio areas in the Scottish Government.

The Special Advisers' responsibilities at November 2014 are as follows:



Noel Dolan

  • Senior Special Adviser to the First Minister
  • Special Adviser for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights

Stuart Nicolson

  • Head of Communications
  • Senior Political Spokesperson

Liz Lloyd

  • Senior Special Adviser to the Deputy First Minister & Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution & Economy
  • Special Adviser for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights

Colin McAllister

  • Head of Policy
  • Special Adviser for Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Special Adviser for Fair Work, Skills & Training
Campbell Gunn
  • Senior Special Adviser & Political Spokesperson

Alexander Anderson

  • Special Adviser for Infrastructure, Investment & Cities
  • First Minister's diary support

Malcolm Fleming

  • Special Adviser for Rural Affairs, Food & Environment
  • Special Adviser for Culture, Europe & External Affairs
  • Special Adviser for Energy

John MacInnes

  • Political Research lead
  • Support for First Minister's Questions
  • Support to the Communications Special Advisers

David Hutchison

  • Special Adviser for Health, Wellbeing and Sport
  • FoI legislation lead
Ross Ingebrigsten
  • Communications Special Adviser

John McFarlane

  • Special Adviser for Justice
  • Parliamentary Business