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The Scottish Cabinet

The Cabinet consists of the First Minister, and other Scottish Ministers appointed under the terms of the Scotland Act 1998. Read more about the Cabinet and Ministers of the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Cabinet normally meets weekly (while Parliament is sitting), at Bute House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

The Scottish Government operates on the basis of collective responsiblity. This means that all decisions reached by Ministers, individually or collectively, are binding on all members of the Government. The Guide to Collective Decision Making details the arrangements for supporting collective decision making by Ministers.

In performance of their duties, Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers are expected to behave according to the highest standards of constitutional and personal conduct. The Scottish Ministerial Code details the arrangements for the conduct, principles and precedents which may apply to Ministers.

The Scottish Cabinet is supported by the Cabinet Secretariat which works on behalf of all Ministers and all Departments in the Government to manage Cabinet business and facilitate collective decision-making.

Contact a Minister

  • Please note that initial contact with the Private Office of any Cabinet Secretary or Minister must be in writing. If you need assistance with this please contact us for advice.
  • Correspondence addressed to any Minister may be passed to the relevant subject expert for reply on behalf of the Minister.
  • We aim to respond to all correspondence within 20 working days.
  • Correspondence sent to a number of Ministers will be allocated to the Minister’s office holding the main portfolio responsibility and their officials for reply.

Although we aim to answer everything we receive, we may be unable to provide a response if your correspondence:

  • contains offensive language
  • is illegible or cannot be read
  • is selling or promoting a product
  • is concerning a matter not devolved to the Scottish Government

Email: Ministers' Mailbox   (

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